Expanding Horizons
February 21, 2009 | Filed in: AHL, AWESOMESAUCE, FIGHT!, videos

From Sovietsky Sport via TuvanHillbilly, an interview with Varlamov that’s worth taking a look just for this picture:

Varly also promises, after hearing about the Machesney line brawl/goalie fight from last year,

If I get thrown into a situation like that, then I’ll have to uphold the tradition. What-I should just let them beat me up? I’d drop the hammer on a goalie if he started it first. Let him find out how Russian guys fight” laughs Varlamov.

Hopefully if it comes to that, the refs will give Varly more of a chance than they gave the Cheez, who got tossed around by the ref and never really had a chance against Martin Houle.

The other spark of joy in this article? Varly’s been cleared to play again, and might be back by the end of next week… no talk yet of whether it’ll be to DC or still in HER.

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