Dog Watch
March 1, 2009 | Filed in: Ultimate Dumbness, trading like a trady thing

If you haven’t been following trade deadline rumors yet, here’s reason to start (or to run away and hide under the bed, I’ve been wavering between the two approaches.)

Supposedly, EMPHASIS ON SUPPOSEDLY, as I’ve seen it a few places but DO NOT HAVE THE CONNECTIONS TO PUT ANY WEIGHT BEHIND IT, REPEAT, THIS IS STILL SUPPOSITION…. the name Jay Beagle has shown up a couple of times as part of the trade for Bill Guerin of the Islanders.

I’ve seen on Tarik’s blog a suggestion that it may be Beagle and Nylander, we know Beagle didn’t play last night as a healthy scratch…… it’s not looking good at this point for the Dog Pound.

Of course, with the glowing reviews Boudreau always gives him, I have to believe that if there’s a way to keep the guy, the Caps are going to try for it. Maybe throwing him in is the only way to get the Nylander appendage separated?

Ladies and Germs, welcome to Dog Watch ‘09.

Capitals website is reporting Beagle recalled from Hershey. I’m surmising that Fehr’s wrist is acting up and he’s a replacement at this point. Either that or we’ve finally shucked Nylander and Beagle is the fill-in. Here’s to optimism.

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