Quick Hits: A Tale of Two Tylers
March 10, 2009 | Filed in: Callups, NHL

Just a few things here today, as I’m about to pass out on my keyboard:

*Tyler Sloan back to Hershey. After Poti played the game yesterday, can’t say I’m surprised. I’m betting we’ll see him back again, though.

*Bears managed a win and a loss this weekend, beating Toronto and being beaten by Lake Erie, but in a switchup, Simeon Varlamov played in both games, instead of just the one. Either he’s been poked by someone in the Caps org and told to get back in game shape, or he’s just tired of sitting around. According to the news, he was telling Coach Woods after the Saturday game that he felt fine and wanted another chance.

*Sadly, Bears are now tied for first in the East with the Bridgeport Sound Tiggers. Ugh.

*Blog Sorry I Missed Your Party is showing the dark underside of being a female Caps fan… people just can’t keep their hands off you.

*The Penguins’ Tyler Kennedy, on the other hand, will go down in infamy for… uh…. licking his stick.

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