GooglePalooza: Sami Lepisto
March 14, 2009 | Filed in: AHL, Callups, Cap Attack, Uncategorized, da b'ars, warm fuzzies

As is painfully obvious here sometimes, I have a lot of time to kill occasionally. For whatever reason, yesterday the object of my time killing Google-palooza was none but the erstwhile loved Sami Lepisto.

I, for one, haven’t yet fallen off the Sami bandwagon. Granted, he made some boneheaded moves while up with the big team, but remember this is only his second year playing in the US. Unlike Oskar Osala, who had a year in the OHL under his belt, Sami came straight out of 7 seasons with Jokerit to be tossed onto last year’s Bears. Although his numbers this year haven’t been as spectacular as they were last year, he’s still a solid presence on the back end of things when he’s on his game.

Anyway, with the blathering from me out of the way, here: random internet wanderings on Sami Lepisto:

Second tallest blonde in the back row

Translated interview with Finnish site From just after the NHL draft that gave him to the Caps. (English)

Interview at the 2008 IIHF Championship in Halifax, where he scored the winning overtime goal for Finland in the quarterfinals

Goals from the quarterfinal game (Finnish)

Sami and Tuomo Ruutu at the IIHF championship (Finnish)

What seems to be an article about Finns in the AHL (Google Translated)’s player profile (Google Translated)

Caps Corner profile (English)

Interview at a Finnish Texas-Hold-Em tournament…. from what I can gather this is like our Poker Stars (Finnish)

Another poker playing interview, with Antti Pihlström of the Preds

And just to give you nightmares:


And just for kicks and giggles, listen to that goal call from the IIHF game. Here, he’s definitely “Sami La-PEES-tow”, even though there’s been a move to make him Sami “LEH-piss-to” here. Are there any Finns in the house who would care to elaborate on pronunciation for us stupid North Americans? (and what are the chances on getting a video on John Walton for reactions like this during the Calder Cup run this season?)

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