Work Week Recap
April 1, 2009 | Filed in: Callups, WBS Penguins, da b'ars

Ugh, when work gets in your way…. where to start?

Perhaps on the news the rest of the world will find completely irrelevant, but I could jump for joy over. The HHOF (hockey hall of fame, for you cretins) has changed their induction voting procedures so that a maximum of 4 men AND 2 women can now be nominated every year as opposed to in the past, when it was simply 4 nominations total.

It may seem small to some, but that’s a ridiculously big step towards getting women that have impacted the game past the phallocentric establishment. (and for more on words like “phallocentric establishment”, may I point you at my thesis up there.)

Keith Aucoin is back in D.C, and the last I heard Simeon Varlamov was supposed to be as well, but nobody’s reported that yet.

Alex Giroux broke the Bears scoring record over the weekend, and Andrew Gordon got in his first ever fight against Chris Minard of the Baby Pens:

Of course at this point the entire world’s also heard that Mink broke his hand so here are thoughts on a speedy recovery there as well.

Just to soften that blow, here, have a link to the Windsor Spitfires doing.. uh… weightlifting exercises.

And soon I’ll have actually gone through and edited/posted my pictures of Osala from his game here as well. I’m starting a new campaign of watermarking and haven’t quite gotten it down to a science yet, much less an art.

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