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Oh, jeez, again?
April 19, 2009 | Filed in: Hlog, OMG, Personal Crap, Ultimate Dumbness

I assumed Mother Pucker’s streaming NHL links were too good to last, but imagine the muscles I pulled eye rolling when I got there thisafternoon trying to watch the Pens game and found THIS little bundle o’ joy on his front page.

I know there has been some debate about the pink jerseys this year, some saying they are ridiculous and others saying that they are cute. Regardless, I think they look good, and one of the most famous internet video bloggers, iJustine, rolled the cameras last night at game 1 of the Penguins / Flyers series. Don’t know who iJustine is? Here is her self bio: “New media chick, Apple fan girl and the internet. Blogger, geek, internet video producer / editor, designer, tech addict, iPhone app obsessed! I edit all of my own videos! :)”
Anyway, check out the video and tell me that the pink NHL jerseys aren’t a good thing.

And the accompanying video:

Pink jerseys are still a sexist, patronizing, NO GOOD, HORRIBLE, VERY BAD THING.*

Yes, people buy them, obviously, but they’re still “playing down” to a woman by suggesting that she only wants to buy “cute” things in “cute” colors. Imagine the uproar if all of a sudden the only jerseys that would fit 5′11″ 250+ pound men were done in blue and white and nothing else. Men would be FURIOUS. Why is it then, that when the women I know who seriously watch hockey object and object and object to the pink and white or silver and white or baby effing blue and white never get heard?

Oh, that’s right, because we’re not the target demographic. Silly me, not being a 16-30 year old man and expecting to get my voice heard by the NHL.

But what I get from this video specifically? iJustine does not go to many games, in her own words “I haven’t watched too many games this year… actually… none.” and they bought the pink jerseys to be “cute.” From the video, she seems to have little to no actual stake in the team winning.

I don’t want to pick in iJustine personally, as she seems like a harmlessly nice individual, but I can’t help but be annoyed that again, the image of “female hockey fan” being promoted online is that of a bandwagoner in pink gear who doesn’t seem to be interested in the sport, just in the spectacle of the game. I have my doubts iJustine could tell you what kind of records the Penguins have on the season, who their two coaches this season have been, or which AHL team they pulled from.

It’s not that I want iJustine to stop watching hockey and videotaping herself when she does, it’s just that I want sites viewed by the masses like to show something other than the pink-jeresyed heavily-makeupped Wyshynski-favored “pretty” girl fans and get down to some hardcore female fans with a little more substance who aren’t butt ass ugly either…just a little tweaky looking in the self-taken picture.

And perhaps possessing a little more team color in their wardrobe.

(in that last picture: top: CapsChick, left: me, right: Steph, bottom:Sasky)

*for those past the age of 10

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