East Division Finals: Bears v. Pens
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Starting lineup:Beagle/Bourque/Perrault, Sloan/Alzner, Neuvrith.

Cheez is your backup goalie, giving Holtby a bench-warming break.

Apologies now for a lack of in-game-times on this. I’m on the Neulion feed, and we don’t rate a game clock.

Kronwall is playing with Helmer. Good to have you back, Staffan.

Awww, the entirety of Giant Center just cheered for the announcement of the Caps win. See, Bears, you can do it. In the words of John Walton, a Daily Double.

Minard downed by Kronwall on the Hershey blueline. That, yeah, that’s what I want.

Carlson’s also playing in here- he’s with Dean Arsene, playing number 4

Kronwall’s return is reminding me of Beagle’s return from concussion, when he came back and just seemed to want to kill anything that moved and wore the wrong color.

Wow, camera guy, you are… not following the play at all. I didn’t NEED TO SEE THAT OR ANYTHING.

Oh, Walton, “The Big O on the Wall” is almost an Antero Mertaranta-ism.

Gordon on a delayed call for hooking. Boo, gordon.

And now, Cocoa and Puckhead in a bastardization of “Will It Blend” throwing stuff off of Giant Center to see if it’ll bounce or break. Surprisingly, stuff that’s made of rubber bounces. And the Penguins, uh, break. Nice work, graphics guys.

Bears to the PK, with a Gordon penalty for slashing.

Pinner, I may detest your attitude issues on-ice, but that was a pretty pokecheck.

Giroux just somehow forced one of the Pens to throw his stick behind him. I’m not sure how he did that, but it was a little wierd.

Alright, bears PP. DOOOO IT.

WELCOME BACK, STAFFAN KRONWALL! A point for Hershey from the Bears blueline. (technically it deflected off of Giroux, and he’ll get the credit for it, but in my heart, it’ll be a Kronwall goal)

Mink’s shoulder pads seem to get bigger every time I see them. Soon, he’s going to lose his neck entirely.

Chris Bourque! A pokey goalie-banking shot and it goes in! Beagle had to verify, and was late to the celebration. Damn, 2-0 already with 8:50 to go.

Tyler Sloan is looking off on his timing tonight. I don’t think it’s illness or injury, but he’s not connecting in a normal Sloany way.

Bourquie is trying to take on Daoust and.. well.. half of the WBS boys right now. Pinner is sort of chirping and posing, but not actually getting involved.

OH, OSALA….. a total wiff on a breakaway, but they’re saying now he’ll get a penalty shot. DO IT, OS. DOOOOO IT.

fooey. He almost pulled a shot like the one that set Tuukka Rask off out, though. Almost. Next time, Os.

One minute to go, and Perrault almost bangs one past Curry. On the rush back, Bourque is called on interfearance, and a huge big ball of player goes rolling into Neuvy.

2-0, Bears

Second Period:
Nice PK, boys. From end of the league to just walking them all over.

That was a brutal fall by Osala. It looked like he landed flat on his back on someone’s skate.

Jouds is NOT amused by his holding call 4 minutes into the second. Here goes the Bullshit guy.

Man, this PK unit is ridiculous, especially when looking back on what the PK did during the year. That’s 24 scoreless PKs for Hershey, according to Walton.

Scrum in front of the crease, and Neuvy gets shoved into the goal. Bad Penguins. No fish.

It sounds sick, but every time someone goes butt-first into the end boards, I can’t help but be afraid they’re going to Crosby themselves and get hurt.

Gotta love it when people cheer for refs getting inadvertantly hit.

I wonder why it took the Bears until the postseason to figure out that if you corral people to the outsides, it’s harder for them to do anything effective. I mean sure, it can be a boring game, but it’s effective.
(Oh god, I sound like a Devils fan.)

Hell, guys. Daoust did not need that. 2-1, Bears.

Oh, MAN, that one was close for Beagle. Doooo iiiiiit, Jay.

And a NICE hit on Cashman by Gordo. A second by Gordo on Bissonnette and because Biso takes his time getting up, Gordo gets a time out. Laaaaame

Oh ew, Caputi to Johnson and the Pens score on the first power play goal of the Bears postseason. That was a tough one, but Neuvy didn’t seem to be aware of the second guy bearing down on him as much as he could have been.

Goligo off for holding Mink. All he wanted was a huuuug. (But the Pens will be down for the end of this one and the beginning of the next)

SHOT HELMER, TIP IN BY GORDON! 6.8 seconds left, and the Bears lead again 3-2

Chris Minard just shoved Sloaner down, and Pinner was immediately in the middle of things.

Bears 3, Pens 2.

Third Period:
KYLE WILSON FROM ANDREW GORDON… BEARS 4-2. Man, that was pretty. Gordo crossed it right through the blue paint and Wilson couldn’t have missed that if he tried.

Dear radio team, please to be saying fewer blatantly suggestive things, kthxbai.

Pinner on Goligoski really just makes Pinner look like a goony mcgoonpants, as Goli doesn’t really react.

Goli, though, turns around and takes Osala (and himself) out.

Damn. Andrew Gordon is hitting anything in black tonight. He’s like a cuter, smaller, more hilarious, higher scoring Brooks Orpik or something.

It’s sad that in the “Who Am I” timekiller all they have to show me is a MESS OF HAIR UNDER A HELMET and I’ve immediately pegged it correctly as Bouchard.

Fooey. The Pens score on a powerplay. 4-3

Oooor not! Giroux making it 5-3. This game is insane. The Bears are unwilling to leave anything unanswered.

Jay Beagle still impresses me up along the boards. Dude won’t be moved. What a beast.

Okay, boys. I know G-Rox has two, but that doesn’t mean you have to give him the hat trick. If one of the others of you can score, for the love of god, DOOO IIIIIT.

GO BEAGLE, GO…. kid is fast, man! Almost had a breakaway from his own faceoff circle

Wow. Between the Bouchard twirlygig there and the Gordon penalty draw, that was a heck of a run towards the Pens end. But thanks for the powerplay, Minard.

Arsene for delay of game. Someday, ask me how I really feel about the delay of game penalty, I’ll go off on that AND the shootout all at once.

Phew! And a game one victory, 5-3 Bears.

Three Stars:
3)Michal Neuvrith
2)Chris Bourque
1)Andrew Gordon

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