News Article Jackpot Day
May 6, 2009 | Filed in: AWESOMESAUCE, Cap Attack, calder cup, da b'ars, playoffs, stanley cup, warm fuzzies

One from each today, that’s made of win.

For the Caps, you get Karl Alzner’s catch of a fly ball at PNC park Kid’s living the dream, I tell ya. He says:

They bought cheap-o seats. Then they traded up with some Caps staffers, and wound up in the lower bowl on the third-base side, within shouting distance of the field. A foul ball landed one section over. The drama began.

“I told Schultzie and Ferhsie that we were gonna get one,” Alzner said today. “And sure enough, a couple batters later it was coming for us. And I said, ‘Schultzie, this one’s mine,’ and it bounced probably six, seven eight rows in front. I didn’t even move one hand. Right in my chest.”

Of course, he texted a photo of himself holding the baseball to his girlfriend, and to Hershey teammate Sami Lepisto. Lepisto accused him of buying the baseball and staging the photo. Alzner, though, didn’t catch the ball by accident; he was a star catcher in youth baseball for years before giving it up for hockey, even though his mom thought he was more natural on the diamond. And he never wanted to be a catcher, either.

And from Hershey, we get Beaker on roommates. We hear that the Andrews are together, the Quebecois are together and Oskar and Staffan are trying to cement Finno-Swede treaties in their spare time.

Coming later (stay glued here!) watch my brain explode as I try to track the Caps and the Bears at once. (Where’d I put that Alzner shirt?)

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