Beagle Callup 2 (and photo friday!)
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Although I did go out and rock the Red at the DC tweetup tonight, it was obviously in vain. However, it did jam home how closely related the big teams and the baby teams are when the Bears go down in a flaming pile of 6-3 and the Caps barely stay for 5-3.

However, aside from that stellarly ridiculous ending to the night, what was the best part of the day?

Oh yeah, Beagle got called up. And then I had to explain to the entire breakroom why I was squealing like a little girl.

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To honor Beags’ first NHL playoff game, I give you the wham-bam retrospective:

That, my friends, is the first time Jay Beagle ever wore a Caps jersey.
Excuse me, I’m getting verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves, I’ll give you a topic…

I’m okay, really. I promise.

Beags, according to the NHL website, had 4 total shifts, for a TOI of 3:21. Didn’t do anything great, but also wasn’t out there to be scored on either. From what I saw of that 3:21, he was obviously a heck of a lot more nervous in this one than he was in the last, Madison Square Garden be damned. But he was still playing like himself, with a nice chase and sprawled poke against a Penguin at one point

Beags and Gordo

Okay enough to follow that with the fact that today Andrew Gordon also got his moment of fame in’s AHL notebook.

The babies, they grow up so fast

(And Brooks Orpik, oh man, when there’s video of his Clark-goal-temper-tantrum, you can bet I’ll have it up here. Hi-LARIOUS)

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