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May 23, 2009 | Filed in: AHL, calder cup, da b'ars, p-bruins, playoffs

So how about that third period, there, eh, Bears fans? We’re now up 2-1 in the series over the Peebs, thank in no small part to Alex Giroux and the refusal of the team to roll over in the third period. Four goals to come back in 20 minutes. 4 goals. Not bad at all, Bears. Any time you can soundly win in the opponent’s building, especially with a rally like that it can’t be a bad omen.

To that end, (and because I’m exhausted,) here’s Photo Friday: Bears Goal Scorers of 5/22

Bears v Pens 10_19 158
Alex Giroux, assist from Keith Aucoin, 3:26 of the second

bears v wolfpack 037
Chris Bourque, assists from Jay Beagle, Patrick McNeill, 9:05 of the 2nd

Gordon's I'm SO AWESOME face.
Andrew Gordon, assists from Kyle Wilson, Tyler Sloan, 5:32 of the 3rd

Hershey Calder Cup '09 Game 1
Alex Giroux, assists from Sean Collins, Dean Arsene, 6:52 of the 3rd

bears v pens preseason 125
Graham Mink, assists from Bryan Helmer, Patrick McNeill, 13:58 of the 3rd

Hershey Calder Cup '09 Game 1
Bryan Helmer, assist from Keith Aucoin, 19:25 of the 3rd

Wow. If you really look at the scoring laid out like that, it says something about the composition of this team. This was Bryan Helmer’s 2nd goal of the series, Bourque’s 3rd, Gordo’s 4th, and even Giroux isn’t that far ahead, scoring his 7th and 8th. It serves as a good example to drive home the fact that teams who can get into third and fourth line scoring and let the defensemen have the shot when they’ve got it seem to do pretty well in postseason. Instead of relying on Giroux and Aucoin, the Bears are seeing people like Patrick McNeill step up-for a guy that wasn’t even technically on the Clear Day roster, having two secondary assists in this game is a having a huge huge impact.

Oh, and of course, I’d be remiss in my duties as the touchy-feely Bears blogger if I missed this:

bears v. phantoms 105

Welcome back, Lainger. We missed you.

He’s a playoff guy. He’s one of those guys that does a lot of the stuff that no one else wants to do, and he loves doing it. You can’t have enough of those types of guys around. He’s a good team guy, and everybody loves him.

- Hershey Bears coach Bob Woods on Quintin Laing who, miraculously, just nine weeks removed from a torn spleen, is possible played for tonight’s Game 3 in Providence. (h/t to JP)

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