Self Indulgent News Update Day!
May 27, 2009 | Filed in: AHL, Cap Attack, bear awards, calder cup, da b'ars, pittsburgh penguins, playoffs, stanley cup, warm fuzzies

For those of you under a rock, some crazy in Florida claims he’s been selling DC sports teams steroids. One theory floating around is that with all the former Caps in Tampa Bay it might have been an EX-Cap on the recieving end of the HGH, but only time will tell. Big Daddy Leonsis is taking this serious as a heart attack, though

As the lone holdout of the Eric Fehr Fan Club, I also can’t help but point out JP’s Rink Wrap on Fehr is out now. I don’t know whether to be amused or saddened by the fact that in playoffs Fehr’s stats for goals against on ice were second worst… second only to Jay Beagle in his callup games. If Fehr can make the big team with playoff stats like that, so can Beags, right? Uh, and we can keep Fehr too, right?

(In transition, Fehr also promises to watch the Bears at their first two games in Manitoba, where he’s hanging back at home. Here’s to Winkler, Fehrsie! Give those Bears some luck!

In more Bears-related news, the Caps signed Jake Hauswirth to be one of the future’s Brooks Laich-ish players. According to the press release he’s good for 28 goals, 24 assists with the Omaha Lancers last year. Good to see them start stocking the younger guys at this point. Although he was the unofficial second star of development camp, my guess is he’ll see some time in Hershey before making the jump to the bigs.

Alzner finally came out and admitted it was a concussion that had him sidelined and said that he would have been back sooner, but he tried to push it too hard. Well, shucksydoodles, Karl. Get better. We want you back as much as you WANT to be back. And pet Murphy for me.

And with your WTF!?!?!?!!! moment, I give you Sidney Crosby:


If that doesn’t curse him to a lifetime of wearing scrubby little “beards” like that, I don’t know what else will.

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