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Warmup facial hair gut-reactions:
Ohgod, Coiner. It’s like Attack Of Half-Brother-Of-Wolverine.
Oskar, the mustache is not a good look on you sweetie. I’m sorry.
Perrault’s hair is somewhere in the range of Love-Child-Of-Parros-And-Backstrom
I think this is quite possibly the MOST hair I’ve ever seen Andrew Joudrey with.

Starting Lineup: Neuvy, Helmer, Ammo, Giroux, Mink, Aucoin

And of course, everyone’s favorite damned little French ref gets this one. Ugh.

First Period:
3 seconds in and we’ve got a puck on net for the Bears.
Good recovery by Patrick McNeill, who misjudged the force of a Moose cross and managed to stay in front of it.

Shot by Deano, Laing almost tips it… not off by much!

Man, there’s an awful lot of bashing going on in this game. Walton seems to claim this is an east/west division difference, but I can’t imagine there’d be that much disparity between the two in terms of physicality.

And there go Beagle and Ammo, yapping it up again.

Patrick McNeill with a trashy hooking penalty. He should have seen that coming, as he was waaaaay beaten that time and there was no reason he didn’t read that better and stop it when it started.

Neuvy with a point blank stuffing during the PMac penalty kill. The Moose is obviously not amused and does “DAMMIT” face a few separate times.

A nice double-team with two of our guys as someone slides the opponent around the back and another comes in and clobbers him. I’m not gonna say we should clobber them into a loss, but if we happen to get a little uppity with ‘em, I won’t argue.

Ugh, I hate plays where all forward motion stops and people dribble it back and forth the ice at each other without shooting. That never seems to come to anything.

The combination of Bourque and Beagle seems to be doing good things. I hesitate to call either out as the scorer, as they’re both fully capable of it, but they’ve got that same level of screw-you-itiveness, so there’s never a fear of someone NOT going after the puck.

My kingdom for a shot counter/clock. Now I remember why I hate AHL feeds.

GIROUX BREAKAWAY….. and it goes over the goal


I agree with Walton’s diagnosis here-the Moose look about a step behind themselves and just tired. It’s a little boggling.

Sloaner with a full body stop to kick it out and let the Bears change

Neuvy looks REALLY on tonight when compared to Schneider. Schneid’s lost the puck entirely a few times, but Neuvy always seems to know exactly where it is, even with a screen in front of him. In a word, SOLID.

That was a questionable non-penalty on Laing there-that sure seemed to be a trippy-type phenomenon.

Oop, but it’s okay, as here comes a Giroux-drawn penalty to put the Bears up a body for the end of the period.

End of First: Bears 1, Moose 0

Second Period:
Less than a minute in and we almost have a second from the Giroux/Mink pairing. Almost

Pope, the Bears thank your wonderful aim-at Neuvy’s chest.

Perrault rings it off the post! Augh!

The farther into postseason we get, the more ‘central’ the games always seem to get, as in ice-central as in neutral-zone-trappy as in BORING. Granted, the AHL less so than the NHL with the trappy crap, but the tendency to trap waaaay out there seems high.

Schneider shouldn’t have had that shot from Jouds. That was luck.

Nice shot block, Ammo. Stopped that thing so well they couldn’t even tell where it was. Shoulda been a goalie, eh man?

Deano off for cross checking. Neuvy locks it down after the shot, and Pinner just can’t help but running his mouth off.

For all of the puck-handling fumbles the Moose have been having, they finally slam one in off of a bad rebound given up by Neuvy. Bears 1, Moose 1.

Another PK for the Bears, Aucoin for slashing, and he doesn’t believe it at all.

Cross-goal sprawl by Neuvy off of the first PK shot to glove it down.

Penalty over, but it seems to have rattled the Bears, as they’re starting to play a little more desperatly as they come back to it. Less control, more wild attempt.

Andrew Gordon is not Nicklas Backstrom, and cannot actually successfully flip pucks around other people quite like Nicklas Backstrom. Has anyone told Andrew Gordon this yet?

Helmer and Fistrick getting feisty, but Fistrick then goes on to facewash Mink as the period ends. Potental for some penalties? We’ll have to see.

Third Period:
Moose with the faceoff win. Hopefully that second period was the Bears’ period of suck for this game, as they seem to need to do that once in a while.

Damn, the Bears aren’t capitalizing on odd man rushes as well as they should. Disappointing.

A lot of passing/shooting pucks into feet on both sides so far in the third. This is slightly distressing for all parties.

Man, a great chance for Jouds, camped where he needed to be. That was some good defensive work from the Moose.

Crap! And Arsene and Mink too, same story. The Moose D is really starting to pick up… but the Bears have a PP to play with too.

Hershey is going out of their way to make chances here in the third-picking up rebounds and feeding nice crosses to each other.

Giroux hooked on a scoring chance, and the Bears are up on the PP again.

5 or 6 separate shots on just one PP attempt there for the Bears, it’s getting crazy in this game right now.

3:10 to go, I’m less impressed by the Bourque/Beagle line’s ability to FINISH than to create stuff in the front of the net. They’re great at kicking it out and back at each other, but neither’s put it IN the net yet.

Ugh. A 5 hole dribbler gets off of Neuvy and in, and suddenly the Moose are up 2-1 with under a minute to go.

2 minutes for Aucoin and 10 minute misconduct for Bourque

and an empty net goal for a final score of 3-1.

However, I’m not going to be despondent, as I DID call it to go Bears in 6 in this series. That means they can boff two total and be okay?

I’m guessing the have one iffy one at home, then run it back and pound the Moose on home ice.

But for tonight, this is your intrepid girl reporter signing off to go to sleep. I’ll catch you on the flip side.

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