A Second Go Around:
June 25, 2009 | Filed in: AHL, Callups, Cap Attack, Uncategorized, da b'ars

For those of you who didn’t see the Calder at the GC the first go, Fox 43 reports an updated schedule of where the ol’ bowl will be throughout Central PA this summer:

Monday, June 29 (7:00 PM) ? Lancaster Barnstormers Baseball Game (Bears Captain, Bryan Helmer will be signing autographs during the 2nd inning)
Tuesday, July 14 (12:00 ? 2:00 PM) Harrisburg East Mall
Tuesday, July 14 (7:00 PM) ? York Revolution Baseball Game
Wednesday, July 15 (11:00 AM ? 1:00 PM) ? Cumulus Radio
Wednesday, July 15 (3:00 ? 5:00 PM) ? Hersheypark (Coco will be on site)
Thursday, July 23 (10:00 AM ? 2:00 PM) ? Lebanon Farmers Market
Wednesday, August 5 (11:00 AM ? 1:00 PM) ? Capital City Mall
Wednesday, August 5 (4:00 ? 6:00 PM) ? Steamtown Mall (Coco will be on site)
Wednesday, August 12 (11:00 AM ? 1:00 PM) ? Strawberry Square

Also, with the departure of Federov and Kozlov to the KHL, the pretty obvious impending loss of Brashear,and the almost too-easy-to-call parting of ways between the Caps and Shaone Morrisonn, here’s your question for Thursday:

Which Bears do you see having the best shot at filling any of the now vacated slots?

Being a homer of the homerist type, I’d like to see Beagle take Brashear’s spot on one of the lower lines. Although Beags isn’t all out enforcer the way Brash was, he’s proven (Steve Downie anyone? Joe Piskula?) that he’s willing to throw the punches when needed. On top of that, with all the talk of needing another Brooks Laich-ish guy, I think he’s your boy. It’s either him or Pinner at this point, and…. well… let’s just say I’d rather see Beags.

Feds and Kozzy would be harder to outrightly replace. Obviously Aucoin and or Giroux are going to get a good hard look at camp, but I also think as a long shot, Osala might slide into a second line scorer position after his production in the postseason. This also might be when (if the Caps resign him) Bourque gets his chance to play not as a callup. (but my guess is he’s jumping ship for an NHL team that needs him, if he hasn’t cracked this lineup) I might also throw out Wilson as a potential, but with his lack of callups during the year, I’m guessing poor Willie’s doomed to stay in the A at least until his contract runs out.

And as for Mo, well, obviously we’ve got Alzner and Carlson waiting in the wings, both now having played under Bob Woods, the new D-coach. If we were another defenseman down, I’d throw Sami Lepisto into the mix as well, prospectively, as I think he’s gotten the short end of things lately, but there’ll always be someone in DC touting Sloan before him.

(But if you wanna talk Sloan, let’s just throw out there that I’m waiting to see if Sloan and Collins were signed so quickly postseason to sell them off at the NHL Draft tomorrow for another pick or a promising looking big bodied defenseman….)

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