Halfway There.
June 30, 2009 | Filed in: AHL, Callups, Cap Attack, South Carolina Stingrays, da b'ars, trading like a trady thing

Well, after the draft and the RFA offers came out, let’s see how I did viewing-the-future wise.

Beagle, who I wanted in Brashear’s spot, unsurprisingly still around, as he has two more years on his contract.
Also potentially looking at that spot, RFA Pinner got an offer yesterday afternoon.

In the Feds/Kozzy vacancies, Giroux is still floating in the ether, and Aucoin, like Beagle, still has two more years on contract already. Other potentials to slide in: Osala’s with us barring trades until 2011, and Bourque and Wilson were given offers, but there’s no word on whether they’ve accepted them yet. Of those, Wilson surprised me most, because if memory serves, he never actually got called up to play with the Caps in the last few seasons. (Which, of course, also surprises, the way he plays in Hershey.)

On the blueline, ShaMo also got an offer from the Caps to stick around, but time will tell whether or not that was a formality, or if they knew he’d go to arbitration and they’d be able to kiss him off then. As of now, Alz and Carlson are still in limbo for an NHL spot, and let’s not even talk about how wrong I was that someone might actually look at Lepisto for the team next year if there were more defensemen spots that needed filled.

Obviously, I chose the wrong defenseman to get shucked at the draft, as I was betting Sloan. Of course, coming up on Free Agency, he may still be a bargaining chip, we’ll have to see.

Other money transactions of note:
Daren Machesney didn’t receive an offer, which I’m not that surprised about. Travis Morin of the Rays is also being cut free, as is Sasha Pokulok, and I won’t touch that last one with a 20 foot pole, because I’m sure y’all already know how I feel about it. Andrew Joudrey is also not going to be signed to a Caps contract, but the Lebanon Daily News reports that they’re working on him to sign an AHL contract with the Bears.

For the Caps, the remaining offers went to Eric Fehr, Boyd Gordon, Milan Jurcina, and Jeff Schultz.

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