Development Camp: Tuesday
July 16, 2009 | Filed in: Cap Attack, camp, da b'ars, trading like a trady thing

While Carlson seems to have been the big topic for Monday, Jake Hauswirth and Stefan Della Rovere were doing their gosh-darned best to make themselves the topics for Tuesday.
Della Rovere has some pretty sick moves-not, perhaps, Bouchard-owing-Dan-Dunn quality, but some pretty sick moves nonetheless. However, Della Rovere’s problem with said sick moves is that he only gets about a 50% return on them. The other half of the time, he loses the puck, falls down, or gets taken out by someone like Orlov, who’s lying in wait for him to try something fancy.

Actually, there was a whole lot of falling down today, something I don’t remember from past prospie camps. While not surprising, as the more you try to push outside your comfort zone the more risk you take of eating it, it was a little amusing to watch Mr. Highly Touted Gustafsson faceplant into the boards. And while we’re talking about spending time on the ice, what’s up with the number of guys who went plowing into goalies today? There were at least three separate instances that sent goalies onto their knees in the back of the net.

Goalie wise, I was impressed with invitee Garret Zemlak, who I watched for the majority of his time on the ice with Group B. Dan Dunn was solid but not amazing, and Holtby was hands down the most solid of the really young guys.

Others we were impressed with: Both Russians (Orlov and Kugrishev), invitee Sheen, and Bruess. The Most Adorable Baby Of The Day award went to brand-spanking new draftee Nick Sorkin, from Rockville Maryland, and going to UNH next year. Newbie Cody Eakin was a close second, but lost points for looking like the Fifth Staal.

And finally, what would we be without pictures??

Dan Dunn:

DevCamp09_Tues 387

Cody Eakin:

DevCamp09_Tues 286

Mathieu Perrault and Braden Holtby:

Caps Development Camp '09

Stefan Della Rovere:

Caps Development Camp '09


Capitals v. Rangers, Game Seven

which totally wasn’t giving me conniptions all day or anything. The drama now is that Schultz says he signed his qualifying offer and the team is saying “Uh, coulda fooled us.” This one’s gonna be good, I can already feel it.

Also, in Bears news, the losses of Graham Mink, Dean Arsene, and latest, Staffan Kronwall. I have to say Mink and Deano surprised me, but after the Mink announcement Deano surprised me less. Sad to see him go, as I’ve never seen the Bears without him, but more power to any of the guys who can jump teams and play in the N. Best of wishes to Staffan Kronwall as well, who’s now a member of the Abbotsford Heat/Calgary Flames.

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