Hey, Jake….
July 17, 2009 | Filed in: camp

….just in case you ever get mic’d in front of the Capitol again, for future reference:

I was willing to give Jake Hauswirth the benefit of the doubt if he was from British Columbia or Calgary or such, but after having one of my co-workers tell me that only the Canadians on her tour recognized Nancy Pelosi and realizing that Hauser there was from Merril, Wisconsin, he’s got no excuse.

Watch it. Love it. Try not to say, and I quote, “It’s like where they put bills in to get passed. It’s so sick. Yeah, man. Like, they put bills in to get passed and stuff. Like, like, uh, I dunno, bunch of stuff. There’s a bunch of offices and whatnot. Know how many movies have been filmed here? I can’t get the whole thing in my camera, can you guys?” the next time you’re mic’d and standing in front of the seat of your own government.

Don’t make me come educate you. I’ll do it. I so will.

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