Homerism “R” Not Us
August 4, 2009 | Filed in: AWESOMESAUCE, Olympics, Phoenix Coyotes, camp, da b'ars, suomi

I was born in America, I’ve lived in America all my life, I’ve never left the continent of North America, but damn, if I’m not excited for the release of Finland’s Olympic “camp” roster.

The Finns aren’t, according to the article, going to hold an actual “camp” for the Olympic team, but supposedly on August 11, there’s going to be a big meeting with staff and players for the media, so perhaps we’ll have a final team whittled out of the 47 prospects by then.

Yes, for those of you wondering, Oskar Osala and Sami Lepisto are both on the prospect list.

Interestingly, all of the goalie choices are in the NHL (Bäckström, Kiprusoff, Lehtonen, Niittymäki, Rinne, and Toskala) while the forwards and the defensemen are from primarily NHL teams, but range all over from Ak Bars Kazan in Russia to Frolunda in Sweden.

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