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October 1, 2009 | Filed in: AHL, Callups, Cap Attack, Lineups, Phoenix Coyotes, camp

And we’ve got a Linkapalooza:

First of all, Sami Lepisto is on the opening night roster for the Phoenix Coyotes. (that’s an audio interview with him from the Yotes site, and I’m honestly amazed at how fluent he sounds, as I remember him being hesitant to do interviews when he first got to Hershey.) I know I’m the only person in the world who cares anymore, but damn, I’m glad he took the trade and ran with it. D.C. always did sell him waaaay short.

Second, CapsCon. I did finally wind up going, despite my misgivings. I as very….neutral. I think there were excellent bits (the Kids Ask Questions panel) and awful bits (the loud music from the mainstage 24/7) and bits that could have been organized better (autograph sessions.) Lines always seemed REEEEALY long and a lot of things still seemed to preference those with $$$!!!! but it’s a place to start from. I also felt like while there was a lot of “fun” stuff for kids to do, the adults sort of got left out. I may be over 20, but I want my fun too! I’m scheming up an idea for a Twitter scavenger hunt next year, either run by me or run by them, I dunno. Of course, that means the site has to have a viable cell phone tower nearby too, as I was getting virtually nothing for a majority of it.

I think my only true gripe, as opposed to slight annoyance, is the attitude of the handlers towards the fans. I understand that some guys may not want to sign autographs and autographs and autographs-fine. Let those handlers shoo the fans away. However, when Eric Fehr gets recognized in the hallway by a 12 year old fan and is reaching for said fan’s pen to sign something for him and the handler snaps “NO, HE CAN’T SIGN,” come on. That’s a little cruel. Even Fehrsie looked a little disappointed. And that brings me to the heart of the big gripe-the team is the center of this. Make them the center of it. I feel like they’re more accessible after practices than they ever were at CapsCon.

But Laich and Brads cracking themselves up and Steckel playing straight man, let’s have some more of that. (Yes, my pcitures will eventually be on Flickr. Keep your eyes peeled.)

Thirrrrrd, Chris Bourque. I was no fan of Chris Bourque’s when he was a Cap, but somehow, I didn’t mind him as a Bear. Overall, I think it was probably foolish of the Caps to get themselves in a situation where they had to waive him, as DUH, someone’s probably going to pick him up, but at the same time, I had a gut feeling he wasn’t going to be around much longer anyway-I had just assumed he would be going to a team less stacked in order to take a shot at the N.

What I’m not looking forward to is the Bears playing the WBS Penguins if he gets waived and dropped back to the AHL again. I’d rather see his score on the right side of the board instead of the wrong one.

Bye, Bourquie. You took away all my good punchlines. Shame on you. But good luck out there.


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