The Infection
October 21, 2009 | Filed in: Feminist Agenda, OMG, Personal Crap, Ultimate Dumbness

There’s a cancer in our midst.

There’s a spreading acceptance through the hockey community of a female “fan” who stands for everything most hockey-watching-women strive NOT to be, and with every blog who interviews her, publishes her, LINKS to her, she gains more power to be the dominant voice of female fans. Especially when in a link to a podcast she proclaims “I actually had to talk about REAL hockey stuff!” all she’s doing is undermining the rest of us.

This “fan” proclaims on her website “She is the league wide puck bunny who just may appear in your city when you least expect it, and then document every detail.” She has a puck bunny manifesto on her website. She openly says that she tries to sleep with the players, she makes no bones about the fact that she has in the past, she physically threatens girlfriends and wives while hiding behind the fact that it should be taken with a “sense of humor” and this…THIS is the female that all the hockey blogs are going ape over.

There’s a horrible double standard forming here-in many eyes girls that can tell you what icing is and quote stats are fighting to be included and recognized in the male-run sports blog world, fighting to get the publicity and the recognition, and this woman comes out with a boobtacular website quoting her psychics, and is suddenly the toast of the town. One of the main issues I’m having is that when one of the female-run blogs that DOES focus on hardcore hockey has a goopy man-loving moment, they get ridiculed. Here’s a blog that does nothing BUT glorp on the man-love and the butt admiration, and people can’t get enough of it.

Frankly, I hate to be the most vocal feminist voice in hockey sometimes, but I can’t help but feel that a woman who spends her time and according to her ALL her money (what the heck does she DO?) traveling to watch different teams to hook up with players to post questionably hockey-relevant posts on her now massively publicized blog is NOT the figurehead that most of us want.

Sure, I may get a little silly here, and sure, I may think that Jay Beagle shirtless saying “oh, fersure, fersure” is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, and sure, I may not get icing right 100% of the time, but I will be damned sideways with a hacksaw before I let this cancerous woman be the biggest voice from a hockey fan with a vagina.

If there’s anyone of the X chromosome persuasion you should all be listening to, it’s the female hockey brain trust forming on Twitter. Just to start with:

@dani3boyz @vulcansmuse @goaliemom31 @hockeymomva @dcsportschick @lorirusso @caitlinchris @cathybytes @islesrebelangel @coyoteshipcheck @sarah_connors @MER11 @khabibulin39 @kellyindc @jennyquarx @jmdc88 @hockeymomva @Paperclippe @hockeychronicle @sportsgirlkat @miss_georgia @dchi606 @love_the_game @caps_girl @saskystewart @bethanym85 @siana_mia @elciby @goaliegirl @nicenecreed @danawalker @antheia @mhcranberry @schtimpy27 @cdash @iloveburritos @melzme @maartje_r @shoot4the5hole @kezbat @gimmeapuck @amandafortier @MizzBumbleB22 @EmilyBeezwax”>

Send me your reccomendations and we’ll keep this list growing. I’ll accept female-run blogs as well. Vive la mentally stable hockey women!

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