Back To That, Are We?
October 31, 2009 | Filed in: AHL, NHL, Personal Crap, camp, da b'ars

If you remember, before all this feminist malarky got drug out of me by its toenails, I was having a crisis of faith with the Capitals. As this year moved out of preseason and into the actual run of games, I was becoming more and more disillusioned with the team; they felt too clean, too media polished, to interested in promoting themselves and putting expensive yet potentially uninterested butts in the seats.

As the first month of the season grinds down, I’m in about the same place. Still frustrated with Ovechkin’s cherrypicking ways, still a little miffed about the whole STH waiting list, a little DONE with the beauty queens and the book deals and the Cribs episodes and the fact that so much LESS attention seems to be given to getting the players in the community doing something good, not to mention the GAME (guys, you lost to the ISLES last night…)

But I’m about to leave for my first Bears game of the season, and as @nicenecreed said in an absolutely brilliant blog post about her search for a team, my team is the Bears. Which, surprisingly, set me back a little. I haven’t really *dealt* with the Bears since the bbplayers were here for camp.

But I sat down last night with the Caps on the TV and the Bears radio feed on my computer and got more excited to hear about the 6-0 shaming the Bears were giving Hartford than I was to watch Flash score two goals in his first game back. Don’t get me wrong, Flash is one of my favorite underknown players, but it was Tragedy Face and Rat Boy and the fight from Sugar and Jouds’ second goal of the season (and when the heck did he score the first?!) that I was reacting to, moreso than the live Caps game going on in front of me.

I suppose sometimes it takes some kicking in the butt to realize the truth of things. The Bears really ARE my team, primarily. The search now is for the NHL team that goes with them.

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