The Infection
October 21, 2009 | Filed in: Feminist Agenda, OMG, Personal Crap, Ultimate Dumbness

There’s a cancer in our midst.

There’s a spreading acceptance through the hockey community of a female “fan” who stands for everything most hockey-watching-women strive NOT to be, and with every blog who interviews her, publishes her, LINKS to her, she gains more power to be the dominant voice of female fans. Especially when in a link to a podcast she proclaims “I actually had to talk about REAL hockey stuff!” all she’s doing is undermining the rest of us.

This “fan” proclaims on her website “She is the league wide puck bunny who just may appear in your city when you least expect it, and then document every detail.” She has a puck bunny manifesto on her website. She openly says that she tries to sleep with the players, she makes no bones about the fact that she has in the past, she physically threatens girlfriends and wives while hiding behind the fact that it should be taken with a “sense of humor” and this…THIS is the female that all the hockey blogs are going ape over.

There’s a horrible double standard forming here-in many eyes girls that can tell you what icing is and quote stats are fighting to be included and recognized in the male-run sports blog world, fighting to get the publicity and the recognition, and this woman comes out with a boobtacular website quoting her psychics, and is suddenly the toast of the town. One of the main issues I’m having is that when one of the female-run blogs that DOES focus on hardcore hockey has a goopy man-loving moment, they get ridiculed. Here’s a blog that does nothing BUT glorp on the man-love and the butt admiration, and people can’t get enough of it.

Frankly, I hate to be the most vocal feminist voice in hockey sometimes, but I can’t help but feel that a woman who spends her time and according to her ALL her money (what the heck does she DO?) traveling to watch different teams to hook up with players to post questionably hockey-relevant posts on her now massively publicized blog is NOT the figurehead that most of us want.

Sure, I may get a little silly here, and sure, I may think that Jay Beagle shirtless saying “oh, fersure, fersure” is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, and sure, I may not get icing right 100% of the time, but I will be damned sideways with a hacksaw before I let this cancerous woman be the biggest voice from a hockey fan with a vagina.

If there’s anyone of the X chromosome persuasion you should all be listening to, it’s the female hockey brain trust forming on Twitter. Just to start with:

@dani3boyz @vulcansmuse @goaliemom31 @hockeymomva @dcsportschick @lorirusso @caitlinchris @cathybytes @islesrebelangel @coyoteshipcheck @sarah_connors @MER11 @khabibulin39 @kellyindc @jennyquarx @jmdc88 @hockeymomva @Paperclippe @hockeychronicle @sportsgirlkat @miss_georgia @dchi606 @love_the_game @caps_girl @saskystewart @bethanym85 @siana_mia @elciby @goaliegirl @nicenecreed @danawalker @antheia @mhcranberry @schtimpy27 @cdash @iloveburritos @melzme @maartje_r @shoot4the5hole @kezbat @gimmeapuck @amandafortier @MizzBumbleB22 @EmilyBeezwax”>

Send me your reccomendations and we’ll keep this list growing. I’ll accept female-run blogs as well. Vive la mentally stable hockey women!

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I find myself recently falling into a more gray area than I used to with regard to puck bunnydom, but I still consider myself first and foremost a hockey fan. The boys are part of my fandom, as thrilling as a great PK or diving glove save or a heroic shot block, but they’re not the primary focus when the game is on.

That said, I applaud you for saying here what is likely to be unpopular and/or contentious to a certain contingent. I don’t feel quite as strongly about it because I think it’s interesting to have lots of voices from different perspectives relating their hockey experiences, and that’s kind of where I chalk her up. She has a story to tell and she tells it pretty well. I take it with about as much seriousness as a bedtime story about magical elves or something.

As far as what guys think, I think we hockey gals worry too much about that, but I understand someone has to bear that cross. I’m not the one to do it but I’m glad someone is willing.

Dare I ask why Kate (@antheia) has been marked with the scarlet letters?

Oh good! I thought I was the only one who thought that blog was the freaking worst. I love how the guy bloggers totally drool over this blog but are always complaining about puckbunnies. And, thank you very much for including the blog on your list!

Thank you for this. I’ve recently had a couple of conversations about that blogger that led to the same place. In a world where we (women) are trying to be taken seriously as legitimate fans with real knowledge, she detracts from us all.

I’m honored to be included in your list, btw and yes, I agree entirely. When there are so many female hockey fans out there who know and are willing to talk mainly about the game, why on Earth are we even paying attention to someone whose main focus is sleeping with the players?

I’m not going to lie and say that I am completely innocent of thinking a player is good looking. After all, hockey is pretty much all I watch- it’s not unlike a girl who watches TV all the time and begins to find Chace Crawford attractive. But it is in no way the main focus of the blog my fellow female Isles fan Christine and I write, nor can you find it anywhere on our blog. There’s nothing wrong with being a healthy female; there is, however, something very wrong with taking it to extremes.

I have no problem bearing this cross right along with you when it comes to defending true female hockey fans. It’s important for people to know that there ARE girls out there who can keep up with the guys and the game, and I implore any female fan to do whatever they can to not fit into the “puck bunny” category.

Great post. Thank you for saying what has always been on my mind.


It’s absolute smut, but I guess there’s a market for it. On one hand I have to applaud her ability to exploit that market, but on the other hand it’s sad to see the rest of the hockey web community rally around this kind of stuff.

It might as well be a XXX site with pictures and video included from the bunny exploits. That’s essentially what people want from her anyway. With that said, I’m not surprised that the blog has taken off so quickly.

Hear hear. Because we’re women and we can multitask with the best of them, we can applaud a hockey player for being adorable AND having a fantastic slap shot. But constantly trying to sleep with hockey players and tattling about it just makes you a puckbunny. There might be hockey knowledge in there somewhere but focusing on just the sex aspect belittles all of us. It doesn’t make you a fan of the game…it just makes you a fan of the games penises.

This is unequivocally awesome. You and I may disagree on things at times (Club Scarlet, anyone?), but most of the time I am just in awe of how vocal you are about sticking up for female fans, and this post is the perfect example.

And this isn’t just limited to hockey. This is something I encountered when I majored in sports management/communications in college, and it’s getting far worse every year in every sport.

One suggestion: add my homegirl @cameronfrye to the smart female army? She knows her stuff.

…are you referring to the “CARMEN SANDIEGO” of the NHL?

Great comments, but just one question. Of all the female bloggers who write about hockey, how many are the voice of women’s hockey? Just attended a phenomenal lecture which raised that question and argued that for the dyamic of respect in media, both traditional and the blogosphere, to change, women need to start writing about womens sports as well. As someone whose online column predated NCAA women’s hockey or the state HS league, it is difficult to add that to the repetoire, but have started to try, if not for anything but the fantastic stories that are out there. Food for thought.

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I laughed and found it funny till last night. I was at a game with my oss and coworkers. I commented on how amazing our defense was seeing that the opposing team had only three shots on net for the entire fiest period. My boss turned to me and said that. I wasn’t really interested in the actual game and I wasn’t fooling anyone. Nice, huh?

I, too, am honored to be included in your brain trust of female hockey fans, and thrilled to find even more like minded women to follow from your list. As you know from my own rants on discrimination from the ‘Twitterati’ who disregard women hockey fans, I support any woman’s efforts to break through the ‘ice’ ceiling that permeates the world of professional hockey. To those that have succeeded by exhibiting the intelligence of an informed fan; who just happens to be of the female persuasion; I applaud your success and appreciate your efforts on behalf of all of us who take the game more seriously than a puck bunny does. And to all enlightened men; who’s blogs contain links to any female (non-puck bunny) hockey fan’s blog, thank you for exhibiting the class to do so!

dear lord, i just read this and figured out who you were talking about… good on you for saying something. i immediately unfollowed her and am appalled at the stuff she writes, as if the puck-bunny movement needs their Queen to decide who gets to blow which player.

[...] a cancer in the form of too much makeup, too much free time and dangerously too little self-esteem. Read The Infection here. You can even contribute to the advancement of the cause of intelligent female hockey fans/bloggers [...]

Bravo for raising your voice. I was following this person, but I’ll say that I never visited the website, so I was pretty ignorant on what was espoused there. I hope that by getting the real fans to align, we can drown out the noise.

The sad part is, if you check out and put in the twitter handle, her following continues to grow quite rapidly, despite some of us choosing to unfollow.

What a world we live in sometimes.

Can you please highlight where on my site I talk about trying to sleep with players? That’s the one thing I find quite baffling. That doesn’t exist on my site, and yet seems to be the main point in your argument. Interesting. Insecure hockey bloggers are hilarous. BTW if I wanted to write a hockey blog, I would. Frankly, there are too many dime a dozen sites that bore enough people as it is. Yours included.

Oh, and I suppose that I should add that since your entire hate speech against me was based on a lie (that being me going to hockey games trying to sleep with players), then I suppose that would be considered slander would it not? Grounds for a court case? Yes, I believe it is. I will say this very simply to you, and your select few who seem to be too stupid to grasp this concept; my website is NOT a hockey blog, it is a diary. Hockey is my life, so my life revolves around hockey. Maybe you’ll figure that out someday. The people who read my site get that. If it’s boring to you, don’t read about it, obsess about it like you see to do. That is all. Btw, the smart move would be to remove the slander from your site, if you don’t want a lawsuit on your hands.

It’s apparent to me that you’ve never read any of this so called “cancer’s” posts. And unless you have some ability to read super secret entries on her site, there’s no such thing of her saying that she “tries to sleep with the players” and/or “physically threatens girlfriends and wives” It’s all BS and she’s right, what you’re doing is making false accusations and spreading it around. Slander. It’s rather pathetic for you to go on and ridicule a legit hockey fan. It’s also apparent that you don’t get what she’s about and that what she writes IS humour. So by spreading your obvious lies, you’ve in fact turned into the cancer.

Well done.

Either way she’s an attention whore who needs to shut up.

Personally, I’ve never followed her on Twitter (the whole glamour shot with hockey gloves was a bit too much for even me). I’ve read some of her blog entries (after initially hearing about all of this drama) and didn’t find any of her musings worthwhile like I do other hockey-centric blogs.

Like the rest of the women here, I am an avid hockey fan, although it’s certainly not the focus of my blog. Probably because I’m a Leafs fan. haha.

Keep writing! Great blog!

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