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October 27, 2009 | Filed in: AWESOMESAUCE, Feminist Agenda, Personal Crap

In the last week, this site has exploded beyond anything I thought it ever would. For those of you finding me with very little background, an explanation.

I call myself a Feminist. I’m willing to capitalize the F, I’m willing to use the whole word, and I’m not going to add anything on the end of it, “I’m a feminist but….” If we need to get semantical, I’m probably a Third Wave Liberal Feminist. As a child, my mother drew ponytails on utility workers in my “Around the Town” book so that I knew women could be anything they wanted to be. I was raised in the Unitarian Universalist church. Essentially, I was set on this path from an early age.

When I found hockey and was first blindsided with the lack of respect many male fans gave the women who followed and loved the game, especially the lack of respect on the INTERNET, that great anonymizer/distancer, I couldn’t help but feel my feminist hackles rise. Much as metricjulie says, there are much bigger feminist fish to fry, try trans-awareness, human sex slave trafficking, the social sexualization of our female children…. but hockey is a community I live in and love, and to see it embracing this horribly degrading system of approved puckbunnyitude and virtually forcing women into that position bothers me.

Essentially, I’m not hating the playa, I’m hating the game. I’m fully willing to sit next to a “bunny” at games and explain to them what’s going on. I’m willing to take them and show them that they’re on a slippery slope into exploitation (eg. wyshynski”s favorite half-dressed jersey girls, any team’s Ice Girls….). I’m willing to attempt to explain that just because they want attention from a few silly cute boys is not the reason to freeze their butts off at games in short skirts and boobie shirts, and that when they do that, it’s hurting the rest of us as well. These are bigger social issues at work, and granted, I’m not going to fix them through hockey, but this is the corner I can fight in right now.

And just to dispel the rumors:
Yes, I drive a Subaru Legacy. It was my mom’s.
No, I’m not a lesbian. I’m just a long-single straight girl who hasn’t yet found a guy who can handle this.
Yes, I shave my legs and my armpits on a regular basis.
No, I don’t have dreadlocks. My hair is short because I play water polo and it’s easier to get in a swim cap that way.
Yes, I’m a microbrew snob.
No, I never turn down a ridiculously fruity drink either.

Hey, check your feminist stereotypes at the door, man. I’m here to watch hockey.

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I just want to hug you right now

I just discovered this through Twitter and wanted to say that I LOVE IT! Nice to know I’m not alone…

Thanks for fighting. Your mother is a smart woman. You don’t have to fit in to any stereotype to be a Feminist, or a knowledgeable hockey fan (as that’s what we’re talking about). I’m glad to have found you. You rock.

You have officially become my new favorite blogger. Period. You definitely inspire. Can’t wait to read more of your posts.


I’d totally be an ice girl.

I think there’s totally a niche market for cute, perky and will beat you down with hockey knowledge in the ice girls division.

Screw the hug, lets get down to it, bb. UNF UNF UNF.

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