Talk Hockey To Me’s first incarnation was as the blog Life in the Sin Bin, started May 10, 2007 right before I graduated from undergrad. Originally, THTM/LITSB was a separate place to talk hockey so that the people who read my personal blog didn’t have to deal with the sudden influx of sports crap. Of course, as things go, THTM took off on its own wild tangent and got its own URL, as well as becoming part of the hockey fangirl blogosphere.

Teka, sole author/insane proprietor of THTM is currently working as a trained government ticket monkey at the Capitol to support her pesky life habit, as well as the terrifying number of hockey tickets she bought last year.  She’s a trained historian and a not-so-trained water polo player, used to play roller derby and strongly objects to anything hockey related in the color pink unless it’s supporting cancer research somewhere.

Her finished masters’ thesis is called “Talk Hockey To Me: Female Fans and Men’s Ice Hockey” and was submitted and approved in December of 2008.

As well as dabbling in academia and textile arts, Teka also takes too many pictures of hockey related stuff.

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